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Choose your favorite trade method for fut service!

Method 1: Buy FUT Coins Directly

With This method, You should list your player you want to sell in the Ea Auction First. Don’t forget to select the transfer duration (3days).

Contains Information of your player as follows:

* Your Fifa Ultimate Team Names:

* Player name:

* Player level:

* Player position:

* Players league:

* Buy now price:

* Start price:

* Duration:

Choose console on the FIFA 16 coins you want to buy from Our catelogs: ps3/ps4,xbox 360/ONE, PC, IOS and Android. Select the amount of the coins as the same with the buy now price of your player, click “buy now”, add it to your shopping cart. Fill in your details with the types details, choose your favorite payment to pay your order. We will buy your player from the auction to send the coins for you!

Note, Ea system will deduct 5% EA Tax of your coins. Method 2: Buy FIFA 16 Account

You can also enjoy cheap fifa ut coins via purchasing fut 16 account with coins! With this method, we will create a new account for you with coins in it. FIFA account trading method is available for xbox one/360 and ps3/ps4.We will send account name, password and secret answer of the new account you ordered to your Email in 0-1 HOURS. Please confirm that the Email you offered here is real and correct.

Tips: To secure your Game Account, please Reset your Password and Security Question once you get the new account!

Method 3: Buy FIFA Coins comfort trade

FIFA comfort trade is available for ps3/ps4. This is the best way to buy fut coins for ps3/ps4. With this method, we need to login your game account then transfer coins you want with our Transaction System directly. Please do not login your account during the transaction until we finish coins transfer. We will inform you via Email.

If you have linked your account to your Email, Phone or Credit Card, please first to turn off or remove the connection. Or we can not login to transfer coins to your account.

For Comfort Buy, Please make sure your New Items List and Transfer List is Empty,you can send the player cards to your clubyou have to have at least 500 coins on your account.

1.Please Turn Off the Login Verification:

Go to - Log in with your Origin Account/PSN Account.

Click: My Account - Privacy Settings - Security - Turn Off 'Login Verification'.

2.Please Delete Billing Information:

Go to - Sign in with your PSN Account.

Click: Account Management - Account - Billing Information - Delete.

Method 4: Buy FIFA Point

FIFA point can be used as currency to buy player packs in fifa game. Especially during activity period! With fifa points, you can have the opportunity to get player cards with higher overall score to improve the overall score of Your own FUT team! FIFA 16 Point sale will be available for platforms:xbox 360/one and ps3/ps4. You just need to choose the console point you want to buy and add it to cart, Fill in your details with the types details. After we receive your payment, we will deal your order as soon as possible in 30mins.